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в продаже в Murla - Costa Blanca - Испания | 190.000 € | 229 m2 Площадь: | ZPG00515

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в продаже в Murla - Costa Blanca - Испания | 190.000 € | 229 m2 Площадь: | ZPG00515

This extremely well located townhouse in Murla is a wonderful reform project.Built according the Spanish traditions this very spacious townhouse has everything to realise something exceptional. It can be a fantastic huge family holiday or residential home and even a B&B.Entering this house through a wonderful Spanish style door, you access a large and deep hall, with directly on the left and right bedrooms, lounge with a wood burner and dining room. At the end on the left you'll find a staircase leading to an unfinished first floor which has enough space to create a loft or different rooms, as it is a project on its own. On the ground floor there's is furthermore a separate toilet and small passage to the kitchen and on the right a 3rd bedroom. A double door gives you access to a nice and reasonably sized outdoor patio from where you can access the bathroom, utility room and stairs leading to an under roof build space which could be a separate studio with a small terrace overlooking the patio. This very large townhouse is a fantastic project open to many ideas. Therefor viewing is absolutely essential.