322.000 €

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a vendre à Jávea - Costa Blanca - Espagne | 322.000 € | 90 m2 Construit | CLDX4471

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Référence: CLDX4471
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    90,00 m2
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a vendre à Jávea - Costa Blanca - Espagne | 322.000 € | 90 m2 Construit | CLDX4471

Nice residential complex of 47 homes, with apartments of 2 and 3 bedrooms.
All the apartments have been built and finished with high quality materials. The common areas consist of swimming pool and gardens, which create a pleasant environment where you can enjoy and relax.
The houses have 2 bathrooms, open kitchen and living room. The lower apartments have a private garden in the front and back. The large terraces are integrated into the bright living room thanks to the large windows of French style. Each house includes an underground parking space.
These newly built apartments are located in the Arenal area, just 300 meters from El Arenal beach, awarded with the Blue Flag, and one of the best beaches in the Valencian Community.
The leisure and catering area has all kinds of services available from banks and supermarkets to the best restaurants and cafes.
Thanks to its privileged location and having all kinds of services nearby, you will not need to use the car.
The houses include an air conditioning system, kitchen with oven, vitroceramic cooker and extractor, and sound insulation.