849.000 €

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Fincas a vendre à Alfàs del Pi - Costa Blanca - Espagne | 849.000 € | 620 m2 Construit | ZAC2579AN

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Référence: ZAC2579AN
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  • Secteur
    Alfàs del Pi
  • Type
  • Chambres
  • Bains
  • Construit
    620,00 m2
  • Terrain
    15.800,00 m2
  • Piscine
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Fincas a vendre à Alfàs del Pi - Costa Blanca - Espagne | 849.000 € | 620 m2 Construit | ZAC2579AN

Finca build in the 50s with natural stone. It has a plot of 15,800 m2 completely fenced, front with stone walls. The house has two floors plus basement. On the first floor there is a living room with a fireplace, dining room, a bedroom, a bathroom and a toilet. On the second floor there are three bedrooms, two bathrooms and several terraces, in the tower there is also a bedroom and a roof terrace with panoramic views. There is a wine cellar andstoreroom. Beside the main house there is a guest house with its own living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. It has three garages and a large private pool. This property is perfect for investment, with many opportunities.