425.000 €

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Fincas a vendre à Parcent - Costa Blanca - Espagne | 425.000 € | 200 m2 Construit | CLDX4263

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Référence: CLDX4263
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  • Secteur
  • Type
  • Chambres
  • Bains
  • Construit
    200,00 m2
  • Terrain
    27.876,00 m2
  • Piscine
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Fincas a vendre à Parcent - Costa Blanca - Espagne | 425.000 € | 200 m2 Construit | CLDX4263

Property located in the valley of Pop, near to Denia area with a similar but less hot climate in the summer period when temperatures are not as high, and in the winter time are 2º and 3º lower, ideal for breeding and stabled horse on that farm breeding purebred Spanish and dressage was dedicated, has blocks several enclosed areas, a training measures 60ml X 20 ml regulatory drained and a 40ml X 15ml for dressage, Silo facilities have 8,000 Kg. For food a place for storage of fodder, a small house for home. The lands have an area 27,876 m2 dedicated to mandarins for the recovery of manure and other surface dedicated to sow forage.
The property has good access, its surface is practically flat and very sunny.
The existing construction has an area of 200m2 buildable maximum is 600 m2, the property ceiling has electricity and water and its own well.