735.000 €

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Fincas in Verkoop in Pedreguer - Costa Blanca - Spanje | 735.000 € | 391 m2 Gebouwd: | CLDX4747

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    391,00 m2
  • Grondstuk:
    11.000,00 m2
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Fincas in Verkoop in Pedreguer - Costa Blanca - Spanje | 735.000 € | 391 m2 Gebouwd: | CLDX4747

Fantastic luxury villa in the middle of the countryside, located on a plot of 11,000 m2 surrounded by orange groves, in a very quiet and totally private in a dead end street.
The property is distributed over two floors with an area of 450 m2, the main floor offers two bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms and dressing rooms, a toilet, an open and modern kitchen leading to a spacious and bright living room with fireplace with pellet boiler that conditions the whole house by radiant floor, in addition all the instances have air-conditioning. From the living-dining room there is access to a large covered naya with views of the pool and the wonderful open views.
From a marble staircase divided in two, we access the upper part of the house, where we find three bedrooms, two of them en-suite with dressing rooms and the third use it as an office, from both bedrooms you can access the terrace to enjoy the views. The outdoor area invites to relax and enjoy with its pool, a magnificent "Chill Out" area and a huge garden.
The villa also has a basement with a garage with space for more than two cars, a storage area, a laundry area and a large area where it can be used as a gym, cellar or for other utilities.
The Villa is near Pedreguer, a large shopping center "El Portal de la Marina" and the center of Denia where you can find everything you need, also 10 minutes by car the best beaches of the Costa Blanca.