2.600.000 €

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New Projects for sale in Jávea - Costa Blanca - Spain | 2.600.000 € | 401 m2 Build | Sea View | CLO0061

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Reference: CLO0061
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    New Projects
  • Bedrooms
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    401,00 m2
  • Plot
    1.200,00 m2
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New Projects for sale in Jávea - Costa Blanca - Spain | 2.600.000 € | 401 m2 Build | Sea View | CLO0061

The project designer villa THEIA is in the demand and beautiful area of La Granadella, Javea, Alicante – SPAIN.The three-floor property enjoys wonderful views towards the sea and the bay. The property in seafront sits on a private plot of 1200m2 and has a building area of approximately 600m2, 340m2 of which correspond to the deck surface.The shape of the house is adapted to the natural terrain of the plot and consists of three floors. The main entrance is located on the third and top floor of the villa with its own parking, where a staircase leads to the living area. The property has 5 bedrooms, 3 on the second floor and two on the first one. Each bedroom has its own bathroom and individual access to a terrace overlooking the sea, the sky and the bay of La Granadella. The master bedroom on the first floor is equipped with its own Whirlpool and single tester.In the lower part of the house is a large and chic lounge/dining area, an appointed kitchen and a bathroom. From here there is direct access to the terrace with an infinity pool and relaxation area.The villa is built on high quality and corresponds to all quality finishes by Porcelanosa.The advantage of this project is to build a home to your liking and create a unique atmosphere adapting it to your needs, in an excellent area of Javea.