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Fincas in Verkoop in Parcent - Costa Blanca - Spanje | 120.000 € | 162 m2 Gebouwd: | ZPG00597

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    162,00 m2
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    10.217,00 m2
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Fincas in Verkoop in Parcent - Costa Blanca - Spanje | 120.000 € | 162 m2 Gebouwd: | ZPG00597

This more than 10.000sq meters plot is divided on two parts by a tarmac road. The possibility exists to build on one of both.

On one of the plots a little house and "stable" are already build. The house needs a full renovation and is divided as such: outside "kitchen" area with outside pizza/bread oven and covered terrace, open kitchen, dining/livingroom, bathroom and bedroom. The underbuilt consists of a garage and storage room and has also a well and a small generator providing the house. Mains are not far away.

Further on there is a big stable that could be used for many purposes. There's also a well at the end of this plot which could irrigate your future garden.

The plot is situated at a short distance of the village of Parcent on a very quiet location with very nice mountain views.